Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kenny- 9 months old!!

Not much to speak of.. Kenny is a strong, big boy!! He LOVES food!!! He just started standing against things, crawling then walking should be coming soon. He is such an adorable little boy.. still VERY attached to Mommy.. I can't walk one footstep away from him without him blood curdeling screaming. I hope it will end soon. But look at that cute cute face.. can't get too mad at it.. :)

My 1st Oreo cookie!!
Mommy had walked in to see Kenny standing in his crib for the first time!!
Mac-n-cheese!!!! Yummy!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Mellem's are Here!!!

The Mellem's came to visit us again. Of course Auntie came bearing a million gifts for the kids, Tim and I like she always does. She spoils us all rotten, and we are so thankful for everything she does for us. We had a lot of fun! Kyle and Lily always have fun with eachother! They were only here for a few days, we just hung out at the house and went to a children's fair our county was having. The kids did a lot of arts and crafts. It was another random very hot day, so we filled the cooler up so they could play in the water. We love when they visit us, we always have so much fun with Auntie Bef and Uncle Davie and of course our precious little Wi-wee!!! We hate when they leave... but we know we will see them soon!!!

Too cute!!! I love this pic of Kyle and his Auntie Beth!!!
It is so hard to get this group of people to just smile for a picture ever!!!!
C'mon guys!!!

Lily and Uncle Davie!!!

Kyle's rainstick that Kenny is eating

Lily's rainstick she just made
Kenny just hanging out eating grass....

Yah..definately a moment that did not need to be caught on the camera
He actually made it!! We were so proud!
Ta Da!!!!!
Making a pine cone bird feeder
Kyle planting a sunflower...(look forward a few months to see what happens)

The kids getting some ink.... :)

Oh!!!! Brother and Sister!!!! Can you feel the love??
Auntie Beth with Kenny!!
Rock out Lily!!!

Attacking eachother with bubbles

Lily and Kyle taking tubbies together!!! Future blackmale!!

Easter Morning!!!

YES!! Kyle is wearing his Christmas JJ's!!!! I can't even believe it.. and it is something I didn't even notice until after the fact looking back at the pictures once Easter was all over. Too funny :). So the night before we let Kyle choose where to put the carrots for the Easter Bunny. He chose to throw them onto the floor. He woke up so excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought for him and his little brother. Baskets full of goodies.. and candy!! This was Kenny's 1st Easter, so he got his 1st year plush Easter Bunny. He had his first taste of a Peep.. and oh my goodness.. he devoured them. We had a great morning with the boys.. and they loved all the goodies.

These carrots are as big as I am!!!
This is where I want to put them Mommy!!!

This is for me Mommy???!!!!
This is so exciting!!! I can hardly take it!!!!

1st taste of Peeps...

Look Mommy & Daddy!!!! I LOVE these things!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Easter Dinner!!

Everyone came to our house for Easter Dinner this year. I had fun decorating and getting everything planned. Weather definately did not work with us this year. It poured rain the whole day. The kids were all dressed cute.. but I decided to just embrace the moment and make memories of our rainy Easter. We barbecued in our garage, let the kids ride thier bike and scooter in the front yard, and of course still had the Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard..We were not going to let the rain win. It was so much fun for Tim and I. Kyle had an absolute blast!!! We had a ton of food... and just hung out together. It was indeed a very memorable Easter for me. I will never forget this year!!

I can never miss a picture of Aunt Linda with the boys!!
These are the Cake Pops I made...
...and these are the Oreo Truffles I made.. Soo Good!!!!

Daps Brady!!!!
Of course.. Can't miss a photo op with a Ford poster on Easter.. right??!!
My beautiful Family!!! I am one lucky lady!!!

Little Cheeseball!!!
Too Cute!!!!

Love this picture!!!! Just a little boy playing in the rain having fun!!

Look at all of the Eggs I found Mommy!!!

Uncle Randy and Kenny were so tired!!!!